What do you see ?

What do you see?

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Well...What do you see?

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Have you ever taken the time to visualize your future! Without necessarily looking too far ahead, “What do you SEE?” in a week from now, a few months and a year away? The ability to SEE and depict a VISION or VISIONS for the short, medium and longer term future is one of the keys to your productive success!

Why having a VISION is important?

Simply put a VISION is the golden key to productivity; which provides you with a clear path in getting the “right” things done efficiently and with energy! Need I say more?

Another very important aspect to your VISION is knowing what to look for in the PRESENT! Once you have answered the question “What do you SEE?” for your future, you can then answer the question “What do you SEE?” now in the present moment!

This is where your productive mojo truly kicks in, because “What you SEE” becomes your ANCHOR in the PRESENT as you go about your day! You now have this clear picture (your VISION) in your conscious mind and as you go about your day you will now start SEEing all the great opportunities around you that will bring you closer to what it is you want to achieve! Yes, I know, quite wonderful indeed!

3 ideas to get you into action:

  • It provides you with a clear direction and the ability to guide your decisions;
  • It allows you to identify the “right” priorities at the “right” time;
  • It allows you to focus your energy on accomplishing what is important to you AND
  • It allows you to take conscious actions that will bring you closer to your vision becoming a reality.

1. Vision board
Consider the following areas of your life: career, health, finances, relationships, community, fun and environment; and choose one area that is less than ideal for you at the present moment. Next, depict clearly what that area of life would look like if it was indeed ideal for you. You can do so by writing a short story that describes your ideal area of life. Or, you can create a bulleted list of all the “things” that would need to be in place in order for that area of life to be ideal for you. Something else that works wonders is creating a vision board with words and pictures that you have cut out from magazines that clearly shows what your ideal area of life looks like.

2. Bucket list
Make your bucket list! You know that list of “things” you want to do, have or be before you leave this earth! Simply write or capture all that comes to mind in three distinct categories, one for the things you want to do, one for the things you want to have and one for things you want to be! Then rate each item to come up with the top 3 most important ones for you at this moment in your life.

3. De-clutter
Another great way to define clearly what it is you SEE, is to write or capture what has been on your mind lately! What has been grabbing your attention! This is a great place to start with depicting a vision, simply because until you acknowledge what is on your mind, it will keep on eating away at your precious energy!

In conclusion I want to leave you with these final thoughts:

SEEing your future is important and as important is SEEing what is in front of you in the present moment! When you take the time to do so regularly as you go about your day you automatically FREE your mind of all its noise and for a brief moment are able to STOP time! Absolutely awesome! Try it out, when you drive in to work tomorrow just be present and SEE the greens of the leaves, SEE the blues of the sky, SEE what is in front of you! You will soon start SEEing all the great opportunities right there in front of you that will simply make you future VISION become a reality!

Recently I heard a great quote from the anchor of ABC's morning show Good Morning America, Robin Roberts that simply inspires and literally sums up all that I have shared within this SOS Productivity tip. During an episode of Oprah’s Master Class series she said: “DREAM BIG BUT FOCUS SMALL”! WOW! My wish for you is to continue dreaming big and capture those dreams, then simply but surely focus small, take baby steps towards realizing those wonderful visions of yours!

I would love to know if you already have a vision or how this tip might inspire you to create one!

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